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(Q).What is GOC about?

(A). GOC serves as a public benefit organization. We exist to educate the public about child abuse, and create a safer environment for abuse and neglected children


(Q).Who can join the organization?

(A).Anyone, who shares the same passions to make a difference in a child's life, with the exception of passing a background check first.


(Q).What experience does one need to be a member?

(A).None, only the desire to commit to our cause.


(Q). Do you have to own a motorcycle to join?

(A).You, do not have to own one, but you do need to have access to one.


(Q).What if you want to be a part of the organization but not really a member?

(A).We do, use at times the help of individuals' non-members on case by case bases for selective events and this is always approved by the president first.


(Q).Will I be able to join in all the events, even if I am just a supporter?

(A).Yes, as long as you have successfully passed a background check first.


(Q). How long does a new member have to wait in order to get patched?

(A).All members are required to go through a 1 year probationary period prior to being eligible for a patch.


(Q).Are all events mandatory?

(A).Only events declared by the President as such are mandatory.


(Q).Who do I need to speak to about joining?

(A).Each chapters contact information is posted on this website. For membership information contact the Sgt.@Arms of the chapter or the membership coordinator.


(Q).Does this organization get together just to hang out and go for rides?

(A).This organization is here solely for mentoring and supporting children that are of the GOC family. Occasionally we may get together for a fun ride.


(Q).Who would I need to speak to about giving a donation?

(A). Donations should be forwarded to the treasurer of the chapter in your area.


(Q).Is GOC a 501 © (3) organization?

(A).Yes, we are a Charitable Organization with a 501© (3) status.


(Q).Where does the money go to that is donated and raised for this organization?

(A).All money is used to benefit the children that are directly of the GOC family and used to educate the public about prevention of child abuse.


(Q).Who do I speak to, about having your organization visit and speak at my facility Church, Children's Home, PTA, etc…?

(A).You can contact The President of the Chapter in your area.


(Q).What if I want to start a chapter in my area?

(A).Contact the Chapter Development or the Ambassador on the National Page.

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